Jul 23

Tsubohachi @ Bugis+ and Hansang Korean Restaurant & Market at Old Turf City

Based on our Singapore Holiday, Wednesday (Today, 01 May 2013) was a public Holiday (Labour Day) and both Rachel and I had planned to go out and do some windows shopping around the place so we decided to go Bugis.


After finished our windows shopping for some ideas for our upcoming event, we decided to have a light lunch over at Bugis+ as both of us will be meeting up with my second sister for dinner. We actually do not know what we wanna eat and kindly of passed by this Japanese restaurant which kind of attracted our attention with lanterns at its main door.

Nice environment within the restaurant

The staff were very friendly and directed us to a table as soon as we step into the door. When we entered, I was quite impressed by the decoration and the layout of the place. There are some traditional style table seats which mimic Japanese seating while there are quite a lot of Japanese display within the restaurant. The whole place seems to be comfy and spacious too though I did not see a lot of customer eating here (Just 2 groups of customers when we were there).


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Jul 01

Wonderful Roasted Duck at The Asian Kitchen (Bugis+)

Nice Saturday (27 April 2013) and Rachel and I had planned to go Bugis for some windows shopping around the area to find balloons and helium gas which based on some website/forum, there are some store selling them but to our disappointment, we found none of the mentioned shop selling helium gas (Portable and disposable type). There were some store selling balloons and rental helium gas which we do not wanted it.


After some long windows shopping, the sky was dark in no time and it was time for dinner. We meet up with Rachel’s sisters (Hazel and Laurel) at Bugis+ where they decided to go The Asian Kitchen – Dragon Inn (亚洲小厨) for dinner since Hazel had eaten here before (Due to Blogger event) and said the dishes here was not bad.


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Feb 14

Christmas cum Birthday Celebration at Japanese Dining SUN

It is Christmas Day (25 December 2012) which falls on a Tuesday. As my birthday is also around the corner, Rachel decided to help celebrate Christmas and my birthday together by having a dinner over at Japanese Dining SUN restaurant as she knows I loves to eat Japanese dishes.

Rachel made a point to made a reservation before Christmas so we are able to get a seat earlier when we are there. As both of us to not own a vehicle, we took public transport and reached City Hall MRT station before walking toward Chijmes where the restaurant is located.


As the restaurant is at level 2, we are able to find the building which linked to this restaurant without much difficulty though from the look of it, this restaurant is not wheelchair friendly as there are no lift to reach level 2 (Based on my knowledge while looking around). You need to walk up a flights of stairs before getting to the front of the restaurant.

Front view from ground floor of the entrance to the restaurant

No lift for wheelchair bounded people so only suitable for those who can walk up the stairs

DSC05443 DSC05444
Glass door to the restaurant when you are at level 2

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Sep 15

Eating and Windows Shopping at Bugis

It is a warm afternoon on Sunday (2 September 2012). Rachel (came back from Malaysia in the morning) and I have actually plan to go over to Bugis today to have our lunch and to go for some windows shopping for new clothes for her friends wedding dinner in Malaysia. Since her sister, Laurel is working half day on that day, we ask her to tag long with us for the day after her work.

We meet at Jurong East before heading over to Bugis MRT station together and started to look for food to eat. Walked around quite a few stalls and restaurant before we stopped at one of the HK style restaurant called “HonGuo (红锅)”

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Aug 06

Xin Yuan Ji Seafood Restaurant and Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

It is Friday (3 August 2012) and my sister have asked Rachel and me out for dinner. It is also my third sister’s birthday. After work, I waited for Rachel at Buona Vista Mrt since I am off from work early, I just stay near the mrt playing my games on the phone till she called me to prepare to go into the mrt where she will be in.

We reached Bugis mrt to meet up with my sisters and decided to go for a seafood restaurant which we have eaten before and their food is nice over there. When we walk out of Bugis mrt, we are quite disappointed as it started to rain very heavily.

The restaurant we decided to go is the bright colored (White with yellow windows) location.

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