Feb 26

Farewell Dinner with Ex-colleague at Crystal Jade (La Mian Xiao Long Bao)

It was a Tuesday (30 July 2013) and Xiang Bao organized a farewell dinner together with his “god-sister” as she will be leaving company and going oversea to be with her hubby. Since we had eaten over at Crystal Jade located at Holland Village branch before, we decided to have our farewell dinner at this place.

Waiting for our turn to enter the restaurant

As we were early and the restaurant was not opened for business (Buffet section), we had to wait for them to start and go up to have our dinner. There were many others who were also waiting to have their dinner fix over at this place too and this was even when we had reserved our tables in advance.

Price list of the buffet

Menu of the buffet

When the restaurant started to open for business, we were guided to our table without much delay and the staff were quick to handle the rest of the customers to their tables. Within a few minutes, the whole restaurant at level 2 which was allocated for the steamboat buffet was full of customers. We did not waste our time and started to order our dishes during these time.

Though I would say the space between each tables were quite near to each other and if the restaurant were full house, it would be quite noisy and crowded with not much space to move around as the staff were quite busy serving and clearing up empty plates. If the table you were seated at where at one hidden corner, you would have some problem in getting the attention of the staff to answer to your request and etc.

DSC00158 DSC00159
Different sauce for us to choose

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Jun 12

Mayim Chinese Cuisine @ West Mall (Bukit Batok)

My ex-Swiber colleagues and XB brother had earlier arrange for a dinner session after my Taiwan holiday trip and decided it to be on Friday (29 March 2013). So after my office work, I proceed to go to Bukit Batok where we meet up at West Mall Shopping mall. I had previously made a reservation for table at Mayim but nearly unable to make any reservation as their minimum number of people before they allow reservation were at 6 people.

I was thinking what the hell are they thinking that we cannot make reservation with less people. Anyway, just to fulfill their requirement, I said got 6 people (We had 5 people in total) and made a reservation which was a standard timing of starting time 7:30pm (Do not understand why even timing, they also need to control). As we reached (Around 7pm) the restaurant early which was at West Mall Shopping Mall Level 2. There was a lot of people queuing up for a meal at the restaurant and since we reached early, I looked for the staff intending to tell them we reached early so can wait for the next available table for us to seat at.

DSC07930 DSC07928

To my disappointment, the staff told me that there are no tables at the moment and ask us to walk around till our appointment time at 7:30pm (What are they thinking of? We reached early cannot go in to have our meals early?) In the same time, my ex-colleagues are already started to queue for it and chat up along the way. We saw a few families being called in to dine in the restaurant. (Reservation lose to people queuing there?).

DSC07965 DSC07932

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Mar 08

Random: A Complaint Letter to Crystal Jade (Jurong Point Branch) – Part 2

This is actually a follow up post based on my earlier complaint letter. After getting the reply from Crystal Jade, Ashley, on 13 February 2013, I actually thought that that is the end of this complaint letter as I did not received any reply from them since then.

But I was wrong, on 19 February 2013, I received another e-mail reply from them and this time, from Raymond Wong. He  apologized about this incident that I had experience and stated that they had since identify and provided some re-training and counseling the staff involved. (Hope that this is truth).

Below is what he had e-mailed to me:

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Feb 15

Random: A Complaint Letter to Crystal Jade (Jurong Point Branch) – Part 1

Had a very bad experience Tuesday (12 February 2013) when having meal and lo Hei session with ex-infra team friends over at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at their Jurong Point Branch.

Their service really is not up to standard and it actually spoilt our mood a bit during that time. As such, I decided to write a complaint letter to their head office on it the very night.

I just wish to post out my letter for all to see and on what they had replied back to me for all to reference and maybe, this is just a one time off type of bad service (Or maybe I am unlucky to encounter these type of service during that time)

This post is a special no photos, all words type of post so bare with me if you wish to know what is happening.

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Feb 13

Gathering Steamboat Buffet Dinner at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

One of my ex-colleagues organized a steamboat buffet dinner including his brother and Rachel on Tuesday (18 December 2012) for a gathering after our work. The location chosen is at Holland Village and as I am working very near to the location, I was able to meet up with them even thought I had to do some OT within a last minutes notice.

The crystal Jade restaurant is located near to Holland food center and there are 2 levels in total for customer to have their meals at the restaurant. When I reached the restaurant (They seated at level2) after my OT, they had already start their steamboat buffet while waiting for me. The restaurant is quite crowded and there are not much walking space for customer to walk around to get their sauce (Which is placed at one corner of the restaurant) or to go to the washroom.

DSC05431 DSC05430
Kitchen located at level 1

As this is a steamboat buffet, the kitchen provide only those cooked dishes like La Main and etc which is not included in the buffet menu. Anyway, a look at the menu shows that they served quite a lot of variety of steamboat items which shows why there are so many people having their meals over there.

DSC05433 DSC05432

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Dec 27

Din Tai Fung (鼎泰丰) and Sushi Tei Day

It is a nice Saturday (3 November 2012) and Rachel and I planned to meet up with each other for a nice window shopping and having a nice meal together. Since Laurel and her will need to go Jurong Point Maybank to do something, we decided to meet over there for our brunch too.

After they are done with their stuff, we walk over to Din Tai Fung as we are thinking of eating Chinese Dim Sum for our breakfast cum lunch (Brunch) together. Been to Din Tai Fung for a few times already as I loves some of their dishes and likes their cleanliness of the restaurant (The decoration is very comfortable and cozy).

DSC04751 DSC04750 DSC04743

Anyway, we started to check out the menu and took down what we wish to eat before handed over to the staff when they called our number. We are bought into the restaurant area (Normally we are seated outside) and it is also nice as we get to walk pass the open glass concept kitchen where the chefs are busy preparing the dim sum for the customers.

DSC04772 DSC04771

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Sep 15

Eating and Windows Shopping at Bugis

It is a warm afternoon on Sunday (2 September 2012). Rachel (came back from Malaysia in the morning) and I have actually plan to go over to Bugis today to have our lunch and to go for some windows shopping for new clothes for her friends wedding dinner in Malaysia. Since her sister, Laurel is working half day on that day, we ask her to tag long with us for the day after her work.

We meet at Jurong East before heading over to Bugis MRT station together and started to look for food to eat. Walked around quite a few stalls and restaurant before we stopped at one of the HK style restaurant called “HonGuo (红锅)”

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