Aug 28

Neighbourhood Zi Char Stall (You Le Tian Seafood Restaurant) @ Jurong West Street 41

Once a while, my family will go out to nearby coffeeshop to dine at the Zi Char stall nearby my house. This was just one of the Saturday (8 June 2013) which we went out for dinner instead of cooking at home. There were a few Zi Char stall nearby my area due to the many coffeeshop around these places (Around 7 coffeeshop walking distance from my block.


My family decided to dine over at a Zi Char stall called “You Le Tian Seafood Restaurant” (有樂天海鲜). When we reached the place, we were able to find a table without any waiting as these Zi Char stall will always “Reserved” some tables for people who dine at their stall. In terms of cleanliness of the place, do not expect too much air-conditioning restaurant style of place when you are at a open air coffeeshop.

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Aug 17

3 Days 2 Nights Malacca Trip Day 3

Time always goes so fast when you are having fun or enjoying your holiday season. It was Sunday (26 May 2013) and it was our last day (To be exact, half day) over at Malacca before we need to drive back to Johor and I need to get back to Singapore.

We eaten our breakfast buffet at hotel level 1 as usual before going back to our hotel room for a final pack up before checking out of hotel.


One of the car having a flat battery and Rachel’s father decided to use another car (We have a total of 2 cars driving to Malacca) and bring all of us to one of the nearby Japanese restaurant named “Ohan Japanese Restaurant Sdn Bhd” which Rachel’s parent went for their dinner last night and feels that they were nice and wish to eat again for lunch.

This restaurant accept Credit Card payment only if your bill was above RM80.00

Nice location with comfortable layout

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Apr 23

Pre-CNY food Dinner at Shan Ming Seafood Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

Chinese New Year is coming soon and I went to Malaysia with Rachel to visit her family on Saturday (2 February 2013) plus to give some Chinese New Year snack to them. (My parent ask me to bring over to them).

The travel from Singapore back to Malaysia on weekends is super crowded as most Singaporean went there for meals or shopping while Malaysian going back home to visit their families. It took quite a while before we can clear the custom and luckily Rachel’s mother is good enough to come fetch us in their car.

We stayed within the house till dinner time when Rachel’s father decided to go to a restaurant which they reserved for reunion dinner as a “pre-tasting” dinner there.

Front View of the restaurant

Open space type of Zi Char Restaurant


We got to the restaurant around 6 plus in the evening and the sun is still quite bright. The restaurant staff are quick to allocate a table for us and said that this will also be the table for the reunion day too. The restaurant is an non air-con Zi Char stall with quite a lot of tables for guest to eat there where there are a few fans blowing to keep the customer cool.

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Dec 31

OX Fish Slice Bee Hoon @ Chop Lian Hin Zi Char

It is a good Friday (23 November 2012) as I got to borrow my sister’s car for the weekends and went over to fetch Rachel from work before going for our dinner. Since I am driving, we decided to go Teban Garden for OX Fish Slice Bee Hoon as we have not been eating there since I switch company and it is near to Rachel’s company.

Parking is not an issue as there are a lot of parking space over there but to park infront of the restaurant, you need to know how to parallel parking. (Just got to drive my sister car and not yet used to the car, decided to park at another place).

DSC05003 DSC05000

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Dec 30

Dinner with Ex Infra Team

It have been a while since I eaten a dinner with only the ex-colleagues of the Infrastructure Team and on Thursday (22 November 2012), all of us decided to meet up for a short dinner break cum chatting together.

We decided to dine over at Kimly Live Seafood (金味活海鲜) which is located at Tradehub21 (I had another blog post on this: Click here to view) since they have never eaten at this place before. This is a Zi Char stall located inside a coffesshop and you can actually reach this place by private or public transport.

I had told them about this place while showing my previous photos of the dishes while eating with my family. Since all of us are working with different companies now (Some of us do not need to always stay back for OT), we are able to reached there quite early at around 6 plus – 7pm.


As the guys have not eaten any dishes over at this restaurant, I helped them to ordered some of the popular dishes which I think is nice and furthermore, the staff also recommended us to get a Lobster to be made into Lobster Salad.

The dishes are out quite fast except for the Crab dish as it needs more time to prepare and cook (Always needs to wait at least 15 minutes). Anyway, our dishes are as follows:

DSC04992 DSC04993
Crispy Fish Skin Served w/ Fragrant Brinjal @ $13

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Nov 22

Event: Food Tasting at Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant

There is an event hosted by Openrice for a free food tasting session over at Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant on Saturday (17 November 2012) and I am lucky enough to be one of the food taster for this event. What great for these event is that I can bring a partner along (I normally will not attend if I am the only one invited for the event) and ofcourse I ask Rachel to come along together with me to enjoy all the food during our food tasting session.

Actually, before attending this event, I did some homework to do some research on Uncle Leong and found out that there are quire a number of bad review or comments about their dishes and services so my expectation of this food tasting session is much lower and even send email to OpenRice organiser if I can write bad review base on my real experience if I really encounter them before I go for this food tasting (I do not wish to lie to myself to blog nice things when it is not).

As we are both living near west area, going there is quite a distance. We meet each other at Jurong East area before heading to Punggol MRT and took  LRT to reach Riviera LRT station. (Go out through Exit A). From Riviera station, we just walk about 5 to 10 minutes to the restaurant location.

When we reached the location, I am quite surprise to find that the restaurant is actually next to a prawning place (Hai Bin Punggol Prawning) so it would be a nice place for a whole day of activity cum having your meals taken care of when you are there. There are some other restaurant in that location too and one of them is Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (Interesting to see fast food restaurant in this outskirt area.)

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Oct 16

Zi Char Dinner with Ex-Colleagues at Keng Eng Kee Seafood (琼荣记海鲜)

After a long day at work on Tuesday (25 September 2012), I went over to Queenstown Mrt to meet up with some ex-swiber colleagues of mine or can say old infrastructure team mates for a dinner and short drinking session.  We decided to have burger dinner and cider for our dinner (One of my friend is not a drinker but these fruit beer should be suitable for him)

We took SBS bus 195 and alight at bus-stop opposite of Queenway shopping centre (Popular place for cheap sport shoes) and walk a short distance over to 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 where we wish to eat the popular burger stall but to our disappointment, it is closed for the day (Or did not open on that Tuesday). In the end, we decided to eat over at this Zi Char stall over at Blk 124 as Mingyan (Also an ex-swiberian now) said the food there is consider not bad too.

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